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devsgma pointed me over to LJ to look at a specific post, now have gotten lost in trying to sort out my flist! LJ - it's been so long, I've missed you. I'm pretty over FB at this point, so many relatives that I like so much less now that I know their opinions on everything.

Also, my son (Monkey). Whom I love and adore, don't get me wrong, but when I asked him if he'd kill me if I posted about three teenage (American) football players, high on victory and forgetting to be cool singing at the top of their lungs to Pink's "Try" while being driven home (it was awesome and makes me smile every time I think about it) he agreed much too readily. Even though the only friend of his who is on my list was one of the players involved.

His threats included my insides being strung up and about as holiday garland and my head on a spike.

Is it wrong that I laughed?

Of course, this is a rl convo between him and one of his teammates, whom I'll call 36, after his number. They had been discussing shaving (15 year olds, so manly *snerk*)

36: Do you ever wonder how aftershave would taste.

Monkey: *blinks*

36: I mean, it feels like it would taste good.

Monkey: Poison.

36: I don't know, it feels like it would taste like mint or something.

Monkey: Poison! It would taste. Like poison.

He voice was very even while his face was all OMG-I-HAVE-FOUND-THE-VILLAGE-IDIOT.

My son is like a little me but his own person, it's sort of amazing. I keep telling him to get his own phrases and he thinks he's hit rock bottom when we end up saying the same thing together every once in a while.

Old, but funny!

So am deleting and/or moving files from desktop to shinny new notebook (thanks devsgma) and found this snippet that must have been the beginning of an entry from at least a few years ago. Still made me giggle.

Me: *filling out Devin's book-order* Devin! Say 'Thank you, Mommy and Grandma. I will love you forever. You are Goddesses.
devsgma: *snorts* Laying it on a little thick there aren't you.
Monkey: Huh? Can't I just get my books!?!
Me: *to devsgma* Suppose one day this will end up in a book about a life spent in therapy? *To Monkey* Say it!
devsgma: Probably.
Monkey: Mom!
Me: *trying not to giggle manically* Say it!
Monkey: *Sighs in resignation and repeats while prompted - utterly unconvincingly*
Me: Now say it like you mean it!
My Dad: Tell her you aren't supposed to lie!

Monkey and Idiot Bro playing cards:
Idiot Bro: Devin's cheating! He's stacking the deck!
Me (from next room): *disbelieving* Even though you're dealing.
Idiot Bro: He hypnotized me!
Monkey: *protesting and giggling* I don't even know how to hypnotize people! If I did I would make Mom give me all the candy in the world! *slightly bitter* You don't see that happening.

ETA=> New pretty is named Draco, because while pretty was a cranky bitch with the set-up. ;)

Drive-by squee-age!

Last night was a band fundraiser at Monkey/Devin/Sweetie-angel-baby-honey-butt's school.


Not that long ago I found out that Devin is the seventh grade first chair flautist, something he brushed off, aside from snickering about how much that annoyed the other FEMALE flautists. Within the last few weeks he and a friend of his that plays a baritone tuba auditioned to compete in the small groups portion of an upcoming Music Contest - and made it. So I was looking forward to hearing him anyway - he never brings it home to practice.

They actually had chairs down on the gym floor this time and we were able to sit less than 6 feet away from Devin - close enough to be able to pick out his music. It was enthralling. I knew he was seventh grade first chair but - wow. Seriously beautiful. I was a little annoyed at G'ma at one point because she nudged me and jarred me out of it - but she was exclaiming at it and had tears in her eyes. Can't wait for the small groups concert (for Malcom Music Contest) next month!

I also told him he messed up 'cause now devsgma is going to bug him to play all the time. LOL

So maybe I'll help a bit there.

Grandma's ravings!

I amuse at least myself. ;)

Arguing with a tea-billy regarding gun-control. Am half tempted to drop the fact that I'm concurrently reading a fanfic featuring a gay bi-racial pairing currently in the middle of a bj and watch him implode.

It's Common Law (sulks over cancellation) so they're cops too. I think that may just kill him off.


Coffee - Dean Sam

Pop by!

So I haven't read anything in HP fandom in quite a while until recently. Cool thing about that? Tons of new fic by old favs to catch-up on!

New layout by wrongpill, love it!
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enchanted_jae thank you for the spider!

So today is November third and as of this morning I was still all flailing around with the "fucking crap I still don't even know what I want to write!!!" for NaNo. Every once in a while I get a snippet or an idea for a fic/fanfic that I want to write, type it up and throw it into a folder, so this morning I went flipping through that for inspiration, and between a few of them I'm pretty sure I've managed to come up with a premise that will let me write whatever I want inspired by my fandomish thoughts and made into an original story/series,

I thought originally that I wanted to try mystery, because that's mostly what I read in actual books, but hell, I'm going to stick with what I can write. And if I want to later bring in a cop character to try the mystery route, then I can!

I'm just sort of rambling now, but I'm excited! I signed up for NaNo to try and force myself to write and I was worried that it wasn't going to happen. Then you just get that moment when the ideas are all tumbling around in your head, trying to see what would flesh itself out and it all comes together and your ideas - if not your LJ post ;) - is clear. Then the ideas are flashing at you and seaming together almost too fast to put down.

Now I have scrawled out notes littering the desk, an intro in the works and my problem is deciding which story to start with.

And upon looking this over, coherency. It all makes sense in my head!
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LJ Banner

At some point in the past I have done something, or not done something as the case may be, so that when I'm on a user page, I have the old style LJ Banner up top. You know the one, Blue tones, messages not readily apparent, pic and name to the right...

It's driving me nuts and I can't figure out how to get rid of it. Anyone?
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I have lost my mind...

*blows off the dust*

Hey all! Just signed up for Twitter and NaNoWriMo, so I think I need to wake this LJ up!

I'd also like to thank those of you that sent good wishes along with devsgma.

When it takes two minutes to figure out HOW to friggin' post on LJ, you know you've been away much too long!
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Happy Fourth!

You have the American dream! The American dream is to be born in the gutter and have nothing. Then to raise up and have all the money in the world, and stick it in your ears and go PLBTLBTLBLTLBTLBLT!! That's a pretty good dream.

-Eddie Izzard
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